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37; 15km

Posted on: June 16, 2009

I’m finally legally allowed to watch NC16 shows.

The day started off with meeting dolly at the mrt before we headed down to newton to roam about. Walked and took random pictures. Didn’t know where we were headed but ended up in Far East. Walked around until the shops started to open and finally managed to go to the shop which dolly was looking for. Bought myself some buys too.

Took a train all the way to Toa Payoh for bubble tea and back to Dhoby Ghaut for, intially, Gelare, but it was closed, just like the one in Far East so we settled for Chippy’s. Shopped around a little before deciding to head straight to clarke quay.

Made out way to Robertson Quay for dinner. Mussels! A lot of them! My first time eating mussels and actually liking them. I can’t believe they didn’t say anything when dolly and I ordered -ols for drinks. Laughs, it’s weird since I don’t think we look that old yet.

Finally walked back to clarke quay and home. For our whole trip we walked like more than 15km. Legs were all wobbly and tired by the end of the day, but I really enjoyed it! Thank you loads dolly 😀


36; -ols

Posted on: June 15, 2009

Main highlight for today was dinner. Headed down to timbre to have dinner with mom, sis and D, as an early celebration for both our birthdays. Food still as awesome as the last time. Their pizzas so rock. Didn’t have much appetite but still enjoyed the food nonetheless.

After much persuasion, finally decided to have some -ols. Sea Breeze and Flaming. Man, the flaming really flamed my throat. According to sis, I’m not economical, laughs. Wanted to have desserts at Bugis but weren’t sure if it was still open so we headed down to clarke quay for more drinks instead. Tired, beat but so looking forward to tomorrow with dolly.

Sidney Fizz, Tequila Sunrise, Melon Ball.

Fuzzy wuzzy likes books but not stories 😀

Was really unwilling to wake up this morning, but managed to drag myself out of bed. Thing is, I went back to sleep after showering. But, I still woke up in time to get ready to meet Alicia, Mavis and Naomi.

Headed down to ehub/downtown to meet the two seniors for Fish&Co. express, then for cup walker. Decided to wait for Naomi at her clubhouse. The weather was bloody hot and I think it would’ve been pretty sweet to have a dip in the pool. Went to raid her house before we even met her. Watched the tv while waiting for her, as in seriously, we just watched the tv, not television programmes. Almost dozed off when she came back and ‘tsk’ us.

Played guitar hero a few times. Was still laughed at for my weird way of ‘poking’, as Naomi calls it, the drum set. Mavis wanted to watch a really sad movie, but Naomi doesn’t own any sad movies, so we settled with High School Musical 3 since I haven’t watched it yet. Some parts were rather stupid and lame. But still nice.

Dinner at Mr Chicken Rice, again without Naomi. Played black magic and fuzzy wuzzy with Alicia and Mavis. OMG, it took me bloody long to figure out what fuzzy wuzzy likes! And Mavis made it damn obvious! But Alicia hasn’t figured black magic either. Teehees. Ohoh, and we saw this kid run into the glass door at Mr Chicken Rice with a loud BANG! Poor kid, was crying quite badly after that, while the table of guys beside us plus Alicia laughed quite hard. Take a look at my wall to wall with Alicia, quite entertaining.

Physics SPA today, seems okay,and that’s what actually worries me. Might have left out some things. But all in all it was alright. And quarantine in the AVT was super super noisy. Especially with everyone calling out to everyone else they want ingredients for restaurant city.

Tried to plan our 18 trip, like the food to bring and such. Turns out the food we want to bring would be more than enough to last us like the whole day and maybe even have leftovers! I still have no idea what I’m suppose to be bringing!

After SPA and quarantine we had chemistry extra lessons! Mrs Lam was in a very good mood today. Really enjoyed today’s lesson! Laughs!

Headed down to ehub for Monsters Vs Aliens with Jasmine, Jinni and Shermaine (Naomi didn’t catch the movie with us)! Had Superdog for lunch, again, the service there stinks. Movie was great, I think our humour level is damn low. We seemed to be the only ones laughing at the jokes in the movie. Perhaps it is because we’re too stressed with school? Or maybe the movie wasn’t that great, but we had fun because of the company? Anyhoo, I like B.O.B. He’s bloody brainless. And Dr Cockroach and Insectosaurus are cool too! Had fun with the girls. Tomorrow’s it’s off to Naomi’s house for playtime with Alicia and Mavis too! Can’t wait:D

“I don’t have a brain, turns out, you don’t need one!”


How long has it been since I last updated. I bet no one even bothers to come down here anymore.

Since SYF, there’s been mid years, results, end of school and now the holidays are here already. Time really flies. Anyways, extra lessons today followed by study session at Starbucks with Jinni. I feel rather accomplished. Managed to do more that what I would have actually done at home. Thank you Jinni! 😀

Damn Nobody song is stuck in my head and is haunting me like crazy. Funny song actually, but too irritating for me already. Oh and catch me now’s last episode is tomorrow! Egg-citing! Actually, not really, I can watch it online, but still!

Cannot wait for the 18th 😀


Man, the experience is unforgettable. Yannis said Mr Shi said we could get GOLD WITH DIAMONDS, but still, was quite unbelievable because its coming from Yannis. Cabbed down from school, all the way to republic poly. Mr Shi, was again smiling his widest I’ve seen. Second time I’ve seen it and I really really want to see more of this happy Mr Shi. Mr Shi really has a way with women. (lol) He was like surrounded by women/ girls the whole time!

Went over to Mr Shi to pass his friend the money she kindly lent us yesterday. She was quite shocked that we returned it to her so quickly. And Mr Shi kept smiling and laughing at us, for I dont know what reason, but I really dont mind!

Watched the harp’s performance. And then came the moment. GT01, GT 02, … GT 08! OMG, the excitement, the suspense. I was already crying even before they announced it. The same sweet feeling rushing through your body and mind when you hear it. Tears, tears and more tears of joy. Was crying like shit again. We finally cooled down, and after all the results were announced, they allowed those which needed to go to leave before they gave their general comments on the whole event. Then Mr Shi came down to join us and Weixiang and I quickly rushed to sit beside Mr Shi.

Mr Shi said he was proud and happy of us! Damn bloody happy. Sitting there with Mr Shi was rather entertaining as he kept doing silly things like kicking his bottle and then thinking he didnt bring it with him, and saying things like he’d throw his shoe at them. And also his female conductor friend was super funny, especially when her phone rang, and she went ‘ Shh! Shh! Shh!’ to it.

Then we forced Mr Shi to taking a photo with us! 😀 HOHO. Weixiang and I took the spots beside him and he put his hands on our shoulders! 😀 Okay, wait, I sound like I’m crazy over him. Hahah, but to me, he’s the most handsome person on and off stage! But Mr Shi refused to take photos with individuals, never mind, he said next time. He was still in high spirits today, smiling and waving at us and talking to us and laughing with us. Man, I’ll miss this a lot.

Bus back to east side, dinner at AJISEN RAMEN wasn’t that fun.

Anyways, I’m so bloody proud of AHGE, seriously. Each and every one of you have put in your best and that’s all that matters to me. But don’t be complacent! ALL THE WAY GUITARIANS!


p/s: agrees with Weixiang, Charmaine, dont worry, you have us beside you! We’ll stand by you! SMILE!

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  • JoSh: hahas gratz on 16, mayb u can go walkathon alrdy. 15km is a lot!
  • c lara: AWESOME, another person who knows fuzzy wuzzy, i took bloody long to figure. HAHAHA, yes yes go kajiao everyone else :D
  • c lara: OH, you know fuzzy wuzzy too? Awesome man. Haha, thanks babe! See you :D